GMC Considers Adding Jeep Wrangler Rival to Lineup

2015 GMC Canyon

The Jeep Wrangler is the type of vehicle that quickly gathers a cult-like following. Over the years, many carmakers introduced various vehicles set to rival the Wrangler’s popularity—all without success. Now, GMC might be considering the creation of a Jeep Wrangler rival that is sure to topple the rugged SUV.


In a recent interview with, Buick-GMC vice president Duncan Aldred said that, while there is currently no plans put in place to expand GMC’s lineup, the American carmaker is definitely brainstorming the various segments they could contribute to, stating, “There is room throughout the range if you really start segmenting it. There is plenty of room everywhere in the hierarchy.”


The areas GMC is considering in particular include the aforementioned Jeep Wrangler rival, along with a flagship luxury SUV that would be positioned just above the current Yukon Denali. There is currently no other information available as to what GMC has on its current drawing board, but we here at Watters Autoland have to say—we sure can’t wait to see what this American carmaker has up its sleeve.

Tips on How to Winterize Your Car Battery

Winterize Your Car Battery

The battery is typically the most overlooked aspect of car care—until it dies and leaves you stranded. You don’t want that happening during the coldest months of the year, and we at Watters Autoland don’t want it happening to you either! That’s why we want you to read Interstate Batteries’ instructions on how to winterize your car battery.

According to Interstate Batteries, “Your vehicle’s battery loses 33 percent of its power when the temperature dips below freezing, and over 50 percent of its power when the temperature falls below zero.” Since starting your car takes twice as much juice in the cold than it does in fair weather, you’re likely to get stranded in a stalled car.

Make sure battery ports, fasteners, and cables are in good condition and remain secure. For internal health, have your battery evaluated by a professional. Get your battery’s available starting power and charging system tested every six months, more so during the cold. And lastly, use a battery charger to keep the unit at a near-full level.

Once you’ve got your battery prepared, it’s time to winterize the rest of your car. For hands-on assistance, visit our service center at Watters Autoland.

Buick’s Reliability Wins Big in Consumer Reports Study

Buick Drive For Your Students

Buick’s reliability was tested and confirmed in Consumer Reports recent study. Buick, landing in 6th place, was the only domestic brand included in the top 10.


One of the biggest downfalls for many automakers was new technology, especially infotainment systems. Voice recognition and touch screen system can often be plagued with problems and this leaves drivers with an overall unsatisfied feeling with their new car.


Jake Fisher, director of automotive testing for Consumer Reports, told the Detroit Free Press, “Infotainment system problems generally don’t exist in a vacuum. A close look at the results suggests that cars with a lot of in-car electronic issues usually have plenty of other troubles, too.”


Buick was able to overcome this pitfall and every Buick model scored above average in the study.


If you’re looking for a fantastic car that you know you can count on, technology and all, come check out the Buick lineup available today at Watters Autoland. We know we can help you find a Buick that will leave you feeling satisfied day in and day out.

Buick Life Signs Campaign in China Makes Profound Statement

The goal for public service campaigns is that they stay with you, that they may tangibly you in some way. A recent campaign by Buick in China is guaranteed to have a profound impact on anyone who happens to see it.


The images used in this campaign are not by any means extreme, but they are strong and you have to understand some traffic statistics in China to make sense of them.


Branding Magazine, who carried the story, reports that in China, “someone dies as a result of a traffic accident every ten minutes.” Overwhelmingly, the source of these accidents is that a driver or a pedestrian ignored a traffic sign.


The ad agency working for Buick reached out to real traffic victims. To create the images, these victims were asked to hold traffic signs at various intersections. The photos are all long-shots–you cannot make out the victims’ faces–but it’s still easy to make out that many are missing limbs while others hold photographs of a loved one that died in an accident.


The Buick Life Signs campaign in China hopes to stir dialogue in China on pedestrian safety. Powerful images, indeed.


We here at Watters Autoland remind you to stay safe on the roads!

GMC October Pickup Sales Lead Brand to 6 Percent Increase

October pickup sales

GMC’s October pickup sales provided a pick-me-up for the whole brand as retail sales rose 6 percent over last year’s October sales. This also marks the brand’s best October since 2007.

Sales of the full-size Sierra totaled over 18,500 trucks, the best October report since 2001 and a 12 percent increase over last year’s sales during the same period.

The heavy duty trucks, including the Denali models, are gaining in popularity as well with the HD models claiming 27 percent of the Sierra’s retail sales.

Of course, we couldn’t talk about GMC truck sales without mentioning the all-new GMC Canyon, which experienced its first full month of sales last month. The assembly plant in Wentzville, Missouri is working hard to keep production rolling and new trucks headed to dealers like us here at Watters Autoland.

“Given the unrivaled breadth of our pickup portfolio, it isn’t surprising to see GMC pickups gained popularity last month,” said Duncan Aldred, GMC’s U.S. vice president. “From Canyon to Sierra HD, along with the distinctive Denali and All-Terrain model lines, we’re able to offer customers a pickup that’s tailored to their needs.”

GMC to Release Four New 2015 Canyon Editions

2015 GMC Canyon

The 2015 GMC Canyon will be releasing four special trim levels to give buyers more looks and features to choose from. We can expect to see these new models popping up at dealerships like Watters Autoland before the 2016 model year. Which of the 2015 Canyon editions will you choose?

2015 Canyon Denali

The 2015 Canyon Denali will feature bumpers and mirrors that are the same color as the vehicle’s body. The front will have the brand’s signature chrome grille and a special powertrain unique to the model.

An All-Terrain Adventure Canyon

The All-Terrain Adventure model is filled with racks and mounts in the truck bed in order to keep large cargo, like bikes and ATVs, safely in place. With these racks, this Canyon is no doubt promoting your next adventure!

The Midnight Edition Canyon

GM Authority says that the Midnight Edition will offer similar features as the 2015 Sierra, which includes “body-colored grille surround, color-keyed door handles, mirror caps, side moldings and front and rear bumpers and blacked-out wheels.” We look forward to driving this stylish all-black model.

A Chrome Laden Edition

The name says it all! This is a Canyon loaded with copious amounts of chrome styling, which is a feature of many GMC trucks. It will be a vehicle that truly shines.

Are you looking forward to the four new 2015 Canyon editions? Let us know which one you’d like to know more about.

GM Highlights Teen Driving Statistics in Support of Teen Driver Safety Week

Teen Driving Statistics

Last week was Teen Driver Safety Week, and just in case you missed the memo, we are going to fill you in on some of the shocking statistics that make it necessary to bring teen driving safety to the forefront. In honor of Teen Driver Safety Week, GM called attention to an alarming safety study that the General Motors Foundation funded back in May.

Some of the teen driving statistics that stick out in the Safe Kids Worldwide study are:

  • 25 percent of teens between the ages of 13 and 19 do not wear their seatbelts.
  • Almost half of all teens that were killed in accidents in 2012 were not wearing their seatbelts.
  • 49 percent of teens have at one time felt unsafe when riding with another teen driver, and 31 percent felt unsafe with a parent.
  • 39 percent of teens have been in the car with a teen driver who was texting while driving.

“These findings show why it’s so important to talk to kids about traffic safety early and often, before they reach driving age,” explained Jeff Boyer, the GM VP of Global Vehicle Safety. “It also demonstrates why conversations should extend to the parents of kids’ peer groups because both are key to keeping kids safe.”

If you haven’t already, it’s time to have a conversation with your teen. Jump-start the talk by bringing up these staggering statistics, and open the conversation up to be a safe place for your teen to be honest about their driving habits and those of their friends.

Need more resources? Check out The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Five to Drive” rules, and consider making them rules in your household. The rules include no cell phones, no extra passengers, no speeding, always buckle up, and finally, no alcohol.

“Safety is our highest priority, especially when it comes to teens, who are often our least experienced drivers,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “The ‘5 to Drive’ campaign gives parents and teens a simple, straightforward checklist that can help them talk about good driving skills and most importantly, prevent a tragedy before it happens.”

If you are in search of an affordable, safe car for your teen, stop by Watters Autoland today!

Increasing Performance with Redesigned Buick Tires

Redesigned Buick TiresThe latest from Buick research and development might seem a bit odd, but the new tire technology they’ve come up with might just revolutionize the auto industry. Tires have always seemed to hide in the background when it comes to car performance – until now.

In an interview with Buick, Jim Smith, editor of Tire Review, said: “The tweaking and tuning that goes on behind the scenes, the heavy lifting by auto and tire engineers working in unison, produces tires that quietly perform flawlessly in the background, and a car that delights owners.”

The redesigned Buick tires focus on key elements: traction, fuel economy, tread-life, and safety. Tires are actually composite, consisting of several materials and layers, and they are precisely designed for specific tasks. Various chemicals and processes are used to provide the best material and design.

The most prominent of the redesigned Buick tires are the17-inch P225/50R17 for low-resistance and fuel-economy, and the 18-inch P235/45R18 tire designed for better handling and a sportier feel.

Want to see other technologies Buick has incorporated in their new models? Stop by Watters Autoland.

New Buick SUV Targets Fall 2015 for U.S. Market Debut

Interior of 2014 Buick EnclaveHere at Watters Autoland, we’ve been following the progress of the all-new Buick Envision very closely. After all, these cars aren’t just our livelihood, but our customers’ as well, and we want to make sure we’re promoting and selling the very best products. That’s why we’re particularly excited about the Envision, which is a nifty new Buick SUV that recently made its world debut at an auto show in China.

The question, of course, is how long we’ll be held in suspense here in North America waiting for the Envision to show up on our shores. Fortunately, Autoblog got some really good news out of Buick sales chief Duncan Aldred, who admitted that the Envision should be headed to America, and maybe sooner rather than later.

“We can’t confirm anything, but clearly it is a very nicely designed and executed product that is very much a Buick,” Aldred said. Translation: this SUV is headed to America eventually, and according to sources, “eventually” might be as early as the third quarter of 2015. The Envision will drop into the Buick lineup between the Encore and Enclave, giving Buick customers tons of options in the SUV market.

Successful Trunk or Treat Planning Ideas

Trick or TreatWith Halloween just around the corner, you don’t just have to think about making your kids’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes—you also have to think where the safest place for your kids to trick or treat is. One of the easiest ways to know your children are safe while gathering their annual candy stash is to organize a Trunk or Treat event. This alternative, which is essentially a small scale trick or treat around a parking lot, rather than your local neighborhood, is easy to organize—just follow these Trunk or Treat planning ideas!


Find the right venue and set guidelines.

The perfect venue is sure to make the perfect event. For Trunk or Treat, verify you’re using an available parking lot with great lighting, wide lanes, and plenty of room for both children and parked cars. Once you find the perfect spot, set specific guidelines for those who are participating. Do you want the car trunks to be decorated? Make sure participants know. We suggest restricting scary and loud decorations if there will be small children and toddlers at the event.


Recruit volunteers and schedule a variety of entertainment.

Keeping the event running smoothly and keeping the children entertained are important parts of a Trunk or Treat. Find a group of volunteers that will help with set up, parking, and supervising group activities. Good entertainment is also a must. Find a great group of costume performers or an appropriate band to give the kids (and the parents) something to look forward to after candy collecting.


Decorate your own car and dress in a kid-friendly costume.

After you have figured out the details of the entire event, it’s important you don’t forget about yourself! Figure out how you want to decorate your own car trunk, whether it’s with ghosts and ghouls or pumpkins and skulls. Also, think about what kind of activity you want the children to do if you have a booth. Finally, make sure you are Halloween-ready with a great, kid-friendly costume!


If you follow these three easy steps to organizing a Trunk or Treat, you should have a great Halloween this year! For the perfect car for your event, stop in to Watters Autoland today!