2015 GMC Sierra Denali Promises a Smoother Ride for Tough Tasks

2015 GMC sierra denali

The 2015 GMC Sierra Denali is engineered to handle the tough tasks while all you feel is a silky smooth ride. For the first time ever on a full-size truck, magnetic ride control is available to make that luxurious driving experience a reality.

“With magnetic ride control, the 2015 Sierra Denali delivers a smoother, more confident driving experience without sacrificing the capabilities customers expect from a GMC truck,” said GMC’s executive chief engineer, Jeff Luke. “The responsiveness of the system makes this full-size truck feel and drive like a luxury vehicle – and one that’s more comfortable on long trips, especially when trailering.”

Even with the advanced technology to smooth out your ride, the truck maintains its maximum payload of 1,940 pounds and trailering capacity of 9,400 pounds.

The electronically controlled damping feature comes standard on all 2015 Sierra Denali models, regardless of engine.

If you value your rear-end and don’t want to sacrifice your towing capabilities, we at Watters Autoland highly suggest you make plans to purchase the 2015 Sierra Denali.

Take Tailgate Parties to the next level with OnStar 4G LTE

2015 GMC Canyon

We’re all highly anticipating the return of the GMC Canyon. When it goes on sale later this year, it will be the most powerful midsize pickup on the market with its available 305hp V6 engine. That’s perfect for hauling your enormous grill to your favorite football venue, and when you get there, you and your friends will be able to remain connected to the world through OnStar 4G LTE.

With your truck now acting as a WiFi hotspot, you’ll be the most popular guy in the parking lot.

It’s not only great for tailgate parties, it’s perfect for road trips as well. If you’ve got the kids in the back, they’ll be able to use their WiFi capable devices and remain distracted from the boredom of long hauls on the interstate.

The 4G service will also be available on Buick models, which we also happen to offer here at Watters Autoland. Trade in your old road trip vehicle or truck for a new one and enter the next generation of GM cars and trucks.

Buick pairs up with MapMyFitness to Promote Active Lifestyles

Buick pairs with MapMyRunAre you sick of the same old route for running? Do you usually have to drive somewhere so you can change up the scenery? According to the users of MapMyFitness, 71 percent of the users drove to a specific area to start their workout. Recently, Buick paired with MapMyFitness for “Runs Worth the Drive Challenge”, a nationwide challenge where runners not only can find and record their favorite routes but also see how the Buick Verano could fit into an active lifestyle.

Buick marketing director, Sandra Moore, speaks about the challenge and says “This challenge provides a fun opportunity for us to help MapMyFitness members share their passion with the community and at the same time see how the Verano is ideally suited for them.” Around 87 percent of MapMyFitness users will buy cars that fit their active lifestyles. The Buick Verano Turbo would pair well with runner because the interior has been tested against the effects of sunscreen, bug spray, and sweat. Also it is compact which makes it easy to fit in small spaces. On June 26th, participants in the challenge must at least five miles of running per week for six weeks. Once this is over, participants who accomplished the 30 miles will be entered in a drawing for an all expense paid trip to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & Half-Marathon in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Buick Verano is a great car for an active lifestyle and guarantees a quick and safe drive to your running destination. We are excited to see the results from the competition and are proud of Buick for pairing with an Under Armour company to promote active lifestyles.

Sun Protection for Your Car? GM Tests Interior of Buicks

Interior of 2014 Buick EnclaveIn the summer, we all know that during the days we need sunscreen and at night, bug spray is a must. We protect our bodies from all the different elements, but what about our cars? They sit in the sun for hours at a time, get sunscreen all over the seats, bug spray on the seats, and unfortunately sweat too. The General Motors Materials Test and Engineering group is working now to try and create a protective coating for their Buick vehicles in order to keep them looking new.

Many different tests are used in order to try and find the perfect coating that will allow Buicks to keep their desirable look and feel that the customer is used to. Some of the tests include: applying sunscreen and DEET (a chemical often found in bug spray) to the steering wheel or upholstery then baking it in the oven to see how the material reacts, putting materials in artificial light similar to a tanning bed for up to six weeks before checking results to test durability, and putting a synthetic perspiration solution on highly touched areas in the car to see how they react. GM found they still need to do a test with natural sunlight as well. After the materials have gone through all the initial testing they are then put into a glass box in Arizona for seven months at a time.

Once the results are in, the team then works with materials suppliers to put the finishing touches on the coating. A great deal of work goes in to keeping Buicks looking fresh and new but it’s worth it! Come over to Watters Autoland to check out all our Buicks that would be great to drive this summer!

A Military Discount to All Those Who Have Served, We Thank You

Military AppreciationTo all those who have served or are serving, we thank you. There really is no way to truly show how thankful we are for those in the military, although GM is trying. Through the whole month of May for Military Appreciation Month and now going on till June 30th, GM is offering a Military Discount to all Veterans, Reservists, Active Duty members, retirees, and their spouses. This includes all those in the U.S. Air Force, Navy, National Guard, Marines, and Coast Guard.

Those in the Military can save hundreds or even thousands on their purchase or lease of one of the eligible new vehicles. This Military discount can also be combined with most of the current incentives going on at the dealerships. So far throughout the month of May, around 8,000 U.S. Military veterans have purchased a car through the discount program. The GM vice president of U.S. sales and service, Steve Hill, exclaimed that “It’s our small way of thanking those who have made so many sacrifices for the safety and security of our nation.”

At Watters Autoland, we are very thankful for all those who have served for us. Come in today and check out all the new vehicles so we can help you find a new car today and show our gratitude for all you have done for us!

Buick Looks to Young Designers to Sculpt the Future of Auto Design

Can you imagine what your car will look like in the year 2030? That’s exactly the task over a dozen design students at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies were given by Buick and leading chemical company, BASF.

The competition asked the aspiring designers to create a 3D scale model resembling their vision for the future of Buick design. Not only did the students sculpt their models in avant-garde fashion, but they took into account the future of the transportation industry as a whole, considering nanotechnology, the large increases in urban populations, the use of advanced materials for improved efficiency, and the transportation needs of developing countries.

It was a challenging task, but several students’ designs stood out to the jury of Buick’s designers and BASF’s experts.

Namsuk Lee, a 28-year-old from Seoul, Korea was awarded a total of $4,500 for winning best overall concept and best interior. Twenty-two-year-old Sam Kenny of Greensboro, North Carolina won $1,500 for best exterior design; and Justin Salmon, a 19-year-old from Boca Raton, Florida took $1,000 for most innovative use of materials.

“The solutions these concepts offer are as unique as the future car designers at CCS who created them,” said Andrew Smith, Buick’s executive director of global design. “For Buick, this project is an invitation for new insights and interpretation of our brand and the future portfolio of products we will offer.”

We at Watters Autoland are excited to see how Buick begins to incorporate these concepts into its advancing design language in the next several years.

2015 GMC Sierra HD Gets the All Terrain Treatment

2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain HD

2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain HD


No roads, no problem. The popular new heavy duty GMC Sierra will come offer the All Terrain package for the 2015 model year.

This package will be available on the 2500HD and 3500HD Sierras with the SLE or SLT trim levels. These trucks will feature 4WD and an electronically controlled transfer case in addition to the Z71 Off Road package, which includes Rancho twin-tube shocks, a skid plate, and hill descent control.

Function meets form with the All Terrain’s updated design features like a chrome grille surround, aluminum underbody shields, and unique 18″ chrome cast-aluminum wheels. The All Terrain also gets LED signature headlamps, body-color bumpers, chrome mirror covers, and a chrome bumper plate with a carbon-fibered inspired interior.

The All Terrain Sierra HD is built to work hard and make it easy to get to the job wherever it may be. It includes a CornerStep rear bumper with an EZ Lift and Lower tailgate and standard trailer sway control with a rear view camera.

Get your GMC Sierra HD at Watters Autoland with the 6.0L gas engine or the powerful Duramax turbo-diesel engine.

GMC Turns 2015 Terrain Models into Wireless Hotspot

2014 GMC Terrain

With the introduction of OnStar 4G LTE capability in the 2015 Terrain and Terrain Denali, GMC takes the meaning of living in your car to a whole new level. The 4G LTE service provides you with a WiFi hotspot that can handle up to seven separate devices simultaneously. Is there really any need to even go into the house?

GMC is the first truck brand to offer this connected capability, and the Terrain models are just the first in a list of new vehicles that will be equipped with the service. The upcoming Sierra light-duty truck, Sierra HD, Canyon, Yukon, and Yukon XL models will also be outfitted with the OnStar 4G LTE functioning.

“This technology is a great feature for all of our customers,” said Duncan Aldred, U.S. vice president for Buick and GMC. “From those who use their Sierra or Yukon as a mobile office, to the families taking trips in any of our vehicles, they can enjoy the benefits of 4G LTE for work or play.”

The required data plan will be offered for a free three-month or three-gigabyte trial period. Afterward, the service will start at just five dollars a month.

Interested? We at Watters Autoland thought you would be; but we’re curious: Would you use the OnStar 4G LTE service for work or for play?

GM Fuel Cell Fleet Hits 3 Million Miles Milestone

Fuel Cell Fleet

In the race to becoming the leader in alternative fuel vehicles, fuel cell power has gotten a lot of attention—so much so that General Motors recently announced that the vehicles in their fuel cell fleet recently passed three million miles of hydrogen-powered, real-world driving. The fleet, which consists exclusively of Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell vehicles, saved up to 157,894 gallons of gasoline consumption.

“Hydrogen fuel cell technology is an important part of GM’s advanced propulsion portfolio and we continue to make substantial progress in furthering this technology,” said Charlie Freese, executive director of GM’s global fuel cell engineering activities. “These vehicles have operated through seven full winters and a wide range of environmental conditions, proving that fuel cells can meet the demands of real-world drivers.”

This fuel cell fleet was originally part of GM’s 119-vehicle Project Driveway program, which has received feedback about the fuel cell technology from more than 5,000 drivers since its launch in 2007.

Currently, GM is known as the leader in fuel cell technology, making it a great option if you’re looking for a way to go green. Contact Watters Autoland for more information concerning fuel cell vehicles!

All-New GMC Canyon Brings Segment Firsts in Safety

2015 GMC Canyon

Have you ever noticed the back seat of your pickup doesn’t seem to be big enough for your child’s car seat? GMC did, and the engineers came up with a solution for the all-new 2015 GMC Canyon. The vehicle that will redefine the mid-size truck segment will also offer an innovative way to keep your kids safer as they travel.

Manufacturers recommend at least 80 percent of your child’s safety seat rest on the seat cushion. Sometimes, that cushion length isn’t available in the back of your truck. The passenger-side jump seat in the Canyon’s extended cab provides a solution.

The headrest is removable. Its two prongs fit into the seat cushion to extend the length and provides for a more stable installation of the car seat.

“It’s an elegant solution that makes efficient use of the limited space in the rear seat in this type of vehicle, by allowing us to adapt the seat cushion length for child restraint installation,” said Eduardo Bugelli, safety performance team lead. “The additional seat cushion length provides more support to the child restraint, which helps to reduce the rotation and the risk of injury in a crash.”

In addition to this patent-pending feature, the Canyon’s available Driver Alert Package gives owners the segment’s first Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning technology.

The 2015 GMC Canyon goes on sale this fall. You’ll definitely want to stop by Watters Autoland with the kids to check it out.