Another GMC Utility Coming to the Lineup

another GMC utilityGMC has long been known for offering professional-grade trucks and utilities that offer both premium amenities along with power and performance. Now, we learn that another GMC utility may be coming to the lineup. Duncan Aldred, U.S. vice president for Buick-GMC, recently spoke about this in an interview with WardsAuto.

Aldred said he wants to expand the GMC lineup, but not by more than one, or at most two, new additions. With one or two new offerings, this would likely expand GMC’s market share by about 5%, which is something Aldred wants to do within 10 years.

In regards to a new model, Aldred wasn’t specific, but in the interview he did say, “When you look at the portfolio, you start to think, ‘What niches are there?’ You could argue a third (CUV) between the Acadia and Terrain. But there is not much space.”

With that in mind, WardsAuto thinks that this new GMC model might not necessarily be a brand new model, but a redesigned version of the Acadia, perhaps slighter smaller and coming in as a 2017 model. If that happened, it would give the overarching Buick-GMC product line four distinct utility vehicle sizes with the Buick Enclave the largest, followed by the smaller Acadia, then the GMC Terrain, and finally the compact Buick Encore.

Do you think it would be better for GMC to add a brand new model to the lineup or just to modify an existing model to fill a gap?

New Concept for Buick Avenir Interior Wins Aesthetic Award

Buick Avenir InteriorShortly after the 2015 Buick Avenir concept was revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month, the innovative new model was awarded with an EyesOn Design award for “Innovative Use of Color, Graphics or Materials.”

Buick has been kind enough to share the details on the Buick’s interior and the stellar products that earned them this award, highlighting the attention to detail and the manner in which all of the products smoothly work together.

The Buick Avenir interior showcases wood accents to create a classic theme that some are comparing to antique furniture. This adds a vibe of the outdoors to the inside of the car, inviting a sense of nature and peacefulness.

According to a press release, all of the Avenir’s materials “were designed to work in harmony and provide an upscale environment that feels natural and holistic to all passengers,” surely appealing to almost anyone.

Are you looking forward to the new 2015 Buick Avenir? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Buick Introduces Progressive Design with New Avenir Concept

New Avenir conceptAt the 2015 North American International Auto Show, Buick premiered the new Avenir concept. The word “avenir” is French for future and boy, does this concept possess the only other French we know: je ne sais quoi.

The concept, introduced as Buick’s flagship of the future, was designed as a collective effort by Buick’s global designers. It is inspired by Buick’s history, but pushes the envelope of tradition as it reflects the direction of Buick’s future model designs.

“Avenir embodies Buick design, which centers on effortless beauty and presence without pretense,” said Ed Welburn, General Motors Global Design vice president. “It demonstrates the growing international reach of Buick and offers an exciting vision of where it can go.”

With long, sloping lines and distinct curves, the Avenir features four personal seats, the next-generation V6 engine with Active Fuel Management, a nine-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, Buick’s next-gen IntelliLink infotainment system complemented by a 12-inch touch screen, ionic cabin air filtration, and, of course, OnStar’s 4G LTE services with Wi-Fi hotspot. These are just a few of the progressive features integrated into the concept’s design.

We at Watters Autoland aren’t yet sure of Buick’s production plans for the Avenir concept, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as details are released.


Buick announces 2016 Cascada Convertible

2016 Cascada ConvertibleConvertible enthusiasts have huge reason to cheer as the 2016 Cascada convertible was rolled out at the Detroit Auto Show.  Duncan Aldred, GM’s vice president of Buick, stated, “It’s a car that will delight customers with its fun spirit and help drive the momentum that’s fueling Buick’s success.”

We love this car.  From its 4-cylinder turbocharged engine to its ground-up convertible design, capable of being lowered and raised at speeds of up to 31 mph, here is a rag-top to get pumped up about.  Buick has built the Cascada around the moving top mechanism rather than retrofit another car, which provides this beauty with ample trunk space and smooth mechanics.  Base features abound and will include a 7.5 inch screen and smartphone interactivity to allow text alerts and of course music to accompany the wind in your hair.

The words practical and convertible rarely find their ways into the same sentence, but in the 2016 Cascada, you’ll find a 4-seat turbo, brimming with ethereal energy and the daily driver comforts you expect in a Buick.

As the weather starts warming up, remember to stop by Watters Autoland and learn about the no-compromise 2016 Cascada convertible as well as our whole line of Buick and GMC vehicles.

Distracted Driving Tips: Staying Safe on the Road for 2015

Distracted Driving TipsStill looking for a New Year’s resolution? How about distraction-free driving? Believe it or not, more than 80% of all car accidents are caused by driver distraction. That’s why we’ve put together a list of distracted driving tips to help you stay safe on the highway.

According to the DMV, most drivers are distracted for about 30% of the time they’re driving. We’ve all had those moments where we’re tempted to text, eat, or talk, instead of pay attention, but it’s time to put an end to all that.

Our first tip is to put the phone down. Although it’s a no brainer, few drivers silence or turn off their phones when on the road. Not only should you do that, but make sure that you put it somewhere you can’t reach it while behind the wheel.

Tip number two: stop fiddling with the radio! If you can’t stand driving in silence, try and set your radio to the perfect station and volume before you hit the highway. This could just save you from an unfortunate fender-bender.

Our third and final tip is to put down the food. Although it’s easy to drive with your knees while you scarf down a burger, avoid eating, drinking, and smoking while behind the wheel. These three things can cause plenty of distractions, and avoiding them will keep you and other drivers safe.

All of us at Watters Autoland will be working hard this year to make sure we keep distractions to a minimum while driving, so you should too!

Buick Club of America Unites Car Lovers

Buick Club of AmericaThese days, there is a fan appreciation community for everything under the sun. Thanks to the internet, people who feel passionately about anything (no matter how obscure) can find a community of like-minded fans. You might think the Buick Club of America is a similar fad, but you’d be wrong: it’s actually been around since 1966.

A non-profit organization composed of Buick owners and enthusiasts, the Buick Club of America is active online and in person, with a Facebook group, a magazine, a newsletter, and more. The Bay State Banner calls the Buick Club of America “an outstanding experience for Buick owners and admirers alike,” and reports that those who are interested “can locate upcoming national Buick events online at The Buick Club of America website… [where there’s also] contact information about each of the chapters and regions and a hearty forum that discusses matters of Buick performance.”

You don’t have to be a Buick owner to join the club… but it sure helps! To become a Buick owner, stop by Watters Autoland today.

2015 GMC Canyon Named Autoweek’s Best of the Best/Truck

Best of the Best/TruckThe 2015 GMC Canyon beat out three worthy competitors in order to claim the title of Autoweek’s Best of the Best/Truck for 2015. To earn the title, the Canyon had to come out on top of the heap in terms of performance, fuel economy, design, and value among other facets.

Though the Canyon is a mid-size truck, one Autoweek tester called it “the right size for a truck,” deemed one of the most important new vehicles put forth in some time.

“Delivering class-leading capabilities with GMC’s signature refinement was our goal for Canyon from Day One and Autoweek’s recognition affirms our instincts,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “It’s an efficiently sized, maneuverable package for those who want the cargo-hauling and trailering versatility of a pickup, combined with modern amenities and connectivity today’s customers tell us they expect.”

The 2015 GMC Canyon is offered with OnStar with 4G LTE and built-in Wi-Fi, making it among the most technologically-savvy vehicles on the market today in addition to one of the most capable. With a $21,880 starting MSRP and a standard 2.5-liter inline-four that puts out 200 horsepower while returning 27 mpg highway, we here at Watters Autoland believe that there are very few vehicles on the market today that can hold a candle to the Canyon, and we’re happy that Autoweek sees it our way.

Buick Engineers Take IntelliLink Testing to the Max

Buick Intellilink

There’s little more rage-inducing than a plodding computer, particularly when you need it to get work done. Take the frustration of slow responses and frozen windows and apply it to the touchscreen interface in a vehicle, and you have a considerably bigger problem.

Buick engineers want to make sure that the IntelliLink infotainment system holds up to even the most rigorous use, and so they test their LCD screens by simulating up to 210 days’ worth of in-car use in the span of a week. This includes the equivalent of a whopping 2 million touchscreen pushes, which equals out to around 285,000 button pushes every day. Even your most diligent teenager couldn’t touch numbers of that magnitude if you told them that tickets to the One Direction show were on the line.

“We test our systems in real vehicles, but as humans, we can only log so many hours inside a car,” said Robert Rimkus, engineering group manager for GM’s Next Generation Infotainment systems. “These automated test stations help us push IntelliLink to its limits, ensuring customers get a system that’s consistently reliable in their own vehicles.”

The tests run the gamut from simulating a trip from Detroit to Chicago to how quickly the system can reboot after powering down during a quick stop at a convenience store.

With this level of testing, you can rest assured that IntelliLink is fit to meet even your most stringent demands. IntelliLink is available in the Verano, Regal, LaCrosse, Encore, and Enclave, as well as in the 2015 GMC Sierra, Acadia, and Terrain. You can find them all here at Watters Autoland!

GMC Considers Adding Jeep Wrangler Rival to Lineup

2015 GMC Canyon

The Jeep Wrangler is the type of vehicle that quickly gathers a cult-like following. Over the years, many carmakers introduced various vehicles set to rival the Wrangler’s popularity—all without success. Now, GMC might be considering the creation of a Jeep Wrangler rival that is sure to topple the rugged SUV.


In a recent interview with, Buick-GMC vice president Duncan Aldred said that, while there is currently no plans put in place to expand GMC’s lineup, the American carmaker is definitely brainstorming the various segments they could contribute to, stating, “There is room throughout the range if you really start segmenting it. There is plenty of room everywhere in the hierarchy.”


The areas GMC is considering in particular include the aforementioned Jeep Wrangler rival, along with a flagship luxury SUV that would be positioned just above the current Yukon Denali. There is currently no other information available as to what GMC has on its current drawing board, but we here at Watters Autoland have to say—we sure can’t wait to see what this American carmaker has up its sleeve.

Tips on How to Winterize Your Car Battery

Winterize Your Car Battery

The battery is typically the most overlooked aspect of car care—until it dies and leaves you stranded. You don’t want that happening during the coldest months of the year, and we at Watters Autoland don’t want it happening to you either! That’s why we want you to read Interstate Batteries’ instructions on how to winterize your car battery.

According to Interstate Batteries, “Your vehicle’s battery loses 33 percent of its power when the temperature dips below freezing, and over 50 percent of its power when the temperature falls below zero.” Since starting your car takes twice as much juice in the cold than it does in fair weather, you’re likely to get stranded in a stalled car.

Make sure battery ports, fasteners, and cables are in good condition and remain secure. For internal health, have your battery evaluated by a professional. Get your battery’s available starting power and charging system tested every six months, more so during the cold. And lastly, use a battery charger to keep the unit at a near-full level.

Once you’ve got your battery prepared, it’s time to winterize the rest of your car. For hands-on assistance, visit our service center at Watters Autoland.