How to Save Money on Auto Repair

Do it yourself Auto RepairTaking care of a car is cheap, but auto repair isn’t. Did you know that there are a lot of things you can do in your own garage with simple tools that can save you from expensive repairs? This winter has been harsh in Indianola so far, so it’s even more important to make sure your car is in top shape. Follow these simple tips to show your car that you care and save heaps of money on auto repair.

Buy a Repair Manual

If you’re a beginner that doesn’t know how to change a headlight or an enthusiast that likes to tinker with every moving part of your vehicle, repair manuals are cheap and will tell you how to do everything up to taking your car apart and putting it back together and what tools you’ll need to do it. There’s an auto repair manual for nearly every make and model out there. If you find something wrong with your ride, consult the manual to see if it’s something you can do yourself.

Look for Service Specials

It’s always best to leave the large repairs to the pros. At Watters Autoland, we always have great service specials listed on our website. For example, we are currently doing a free multi-point inspection and battery test, so you can take your car in for a checkup at no cost. You take your kids in for check ups, don’t forget about your car!

This guy didn’t keep his car clean.

Keep it Clean!

Washing your car isn’t all about looks, you know. The salt, oil, dust, ice, and everything else you can find on Iowa roads will corrode the undercarriage of your vehicle, shortening its life and damaging everything from brake lines to exhaust pipes. Find a good local car wash with an underbody spray and you’ll prevent the rusty red death from tearing apart your car from beneath.

Once your car is squeaky clean, apply a coat of good Carnauba wax just twice a year. It’ll give the paint that wet look and mirror finish that not only looks awesome, it protects the finish from dirt, scratches, and rust. When your car is 15 years old and looks like it was painted yesterday, you’ll be glad you took the time to wax it.

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