Successful Trunk or Treat Planning Ideas

Trick or TreatWith Halloween just around the corner, you don’t just have to think about making your kids’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes—you also have to think where the safest place for your kids to trick or treat is. One of the easiest ways to know your children are safe while gathering their annual candy stash is to organize a Trunk or Treat event. This alternative, which is essentially a small scale trick or treat around a parking lot, rather than your local neighborhood, is easy to organize—just follow these Trunk or Treat planning ideas!


Find the right venue and set guidelines.

The perfect venue is sure to make the perfect event. For Trunk or Treat, verify you’re using an available parking lot with great lighting, wide lanes, and plenty of room for both children and parked cars. Once you find the perfect spot, set specific guidelines for those who are participating. Do you want the car trunks to be decorated? Make sure participants know. We suggest restricting scary and loud decorations if there will be small children and toddlers at the event.


Recruit volunteers and schedule a variety of entertainment.

Keeping the event running smoothly and keeping the children entertained are important parts of a Trunk or Treat. Find a group of volunteers that will help with set up, parking, and supervising group activities. Good entertainment is also a must. Find a great group of costume performers or an appropriate band to give the kids (and the parents) something to look forward to after candy collecting.


Decorate your own car and dress in a kid-friendly costume.

After you have figured out the details of the entire event, it’s important you don’t forget about yourself! Figure out how you want to decorate your own car trunk, whether it’s with ghosts and ghouls or pumpkins and skulls. Also, think about what kind of activity you want the children to do if you have a booth. Finally, make sure you are Halloween-ready with a great, kid-friendly costume!


If you follow these three easy steps to organizing a Trunk or Treat, you should have a great Halloween this year! For the perfect car for your event, stop in to Watters Autoland today!

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