Alternatives to a Thanksgiving Turkey

Alternatives to a Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is just about a week away. Of course, the feast traditionally includes a big, perfectly roasted turkey. But, if your family is vegetarian or you just don’t like turkey, you need something else to cook that will make a big impact. Here are some delicious alternatives to a Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Pork Crown Roast. For a true showstopper, put together this pork roast that is almost too beautiful to eat.
  • Cornish Game Hens. If you still want poultry, Cornish game hens are a great alternative. They have a rich flavor and their small size make them perfect for smaller families. You can cook one hen for every one to two people. And, because they are so small, they cook up quickly.
  • Wild Mushroom Lasagna. If you have vegetarian guests coming for Thanksgiving, this extraordinary lasagna will have them coming back for more. It uses fresh lasagna sheets and wild mushrooms for a rich, autumn flavor.
  • Duck. For a poultry of a completely different sort, try a roast duck. This recipe uses a cranberry sauce for a perfect Thanksgiving dish.

What is your preferred main dish for Thanksgiving?

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