Interesting Facts about Iowa

Facts about IowaIowa is considered by many to be a fly-over state. However, this would be a grievous mistake for them to make. There are plenty of interesting facts about Iowa, many of which most people do not know about.

  1. Iowa draws its name from the Iowa River, which in turn is named after a tribe of American Indians.
  2. There are four times as many pigs in Iowa as there are humans.
  3. There is an Iowa law which discourages men with mustaches from kissing women in public (Guess they should shave face to save face).
  4. Snake Alley in Burlington, Iowa is the most crooked street in the entire world.
  5. In Iowa, you can vote in an election at the age of 16 ½.
  6. Winnebago motorhomes were first manufactured in the city of Winnebago, Iowa.
  7. Iowa has more per capita golf courses than any other state in the country.
  8. Red Delicious Apples were first developed in Iowa’s Madison County.

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