Buick Teams Up With Tracey Anderson to Promote Both Healthy Living and Healthy Driving

Tracey AndersonThe weather is finally taking a turn for the warmer. That means now is the perfect time to head outside and start exercising right. With a little help, Buick has developed a list of tips to help you do just that!

According to a Buick press release, Buick has teamed up with Tracey Anderson to promote both healthy living and healthy driving.

Tracey Anderson, one of the world’s premier fitness experts, will be working alongside Buick to promote healthy summer habits in five different categories: skin, songs, sweat, snacks, and, of course, style!

She will also work alongside signature Buick models that embody these values, such as the 2016 Buick Cascada, one of the world’s premier convertible models.

“The road to getting fit and healthy for summer starts by taking the right lifestyle steps now,” said Anderson. “The tips Buick and I have developed are so easy to follow, and we hope they will inspire people to take better care of themselves this summer – and beyond.”

Start making a move toward a healthier and happier summer with Tracey Anderson and Buick!

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