Five Tips for Detailing Your Car

Five Tips for Detailing Your CarYour car is a lot like your body. You have to provide it with its nutrients, take it in for checkups, and keep it clean and maintained. Here are five tips for detailing your car like a pro.

Blow Away the Dirt

The best place to start is the cracks and corners in your vehicle. You should use compressed air to blow the dirt out of the hidden cracks and into the middle of your car where it can be vacuumed up easily.

Keep the Smell Fresh

While you have the air compressor out, you should turn it on your vents to get rid of any build up that you may have in the vents.

Avoid Acid Based Cleaners

When you go to clean your tires, you should stay away from acid based cleaners to avoid damaging the ri

Choose to Hand Wash

When you hand wash, you familiarize yourself with your car’s shapes and features. When you do wash it, though, make sure to use dedicated car cleaning soap—avoid using dish soap, since it can strip protective layers off of your car.

Go Back for Seconds

Simply washing your car one time usually isn’t enough for most people. If you run your hand over the paint, and it feels rough, you should wash your car a second time.

By following these five detailing tips, you will keep your car looking fresh and maintained.

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