Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treat

Halloween safety tips

If you’re taking the kids out trick-or-treating this October, keep these Halloween safety tips in mind to ensure that everyone has fun getting free candy and seeing everyone’s cool costumes.

Plan Your Route: Even if you live in a suburban neighborhood, you still need to keep an eye out for cars. Planning your route ahead of time allows you to minimize the amount of times kids need to cross the street, and it also lets you get the most amount of candy in the most efficient amount of time!

Keep Costumes Practical: All costumes should fit well while still being short enough for your child to walk without tripping. If masks can be avoided, do so, because they reduce your costumer’s ability to see.

Be Visible: Other people need to see you, too, especially drivers. If your kids are wearing dark costumes, have them wear reflective tape or carry a glow stick. Stay in well-lit areas, too.

Wear Comfortable Shoes: All that walking can get tiring. Make sure the little ones don’t hurt their feet by having them wear gym shoes or something equally comfortable and supportive.

Sort Through Candy: Everyone knows this rule – check the candy at the end of the night to make sure your kids don’t get any nasty surprises.

Follow these Halloween safety tips and you’re sure to have a great time this upcoming October 31st.

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