Watters Autoland’s Fall Driving Tips

Fall DrivingAside from being distracted by all the changing colors of the trees, fall can present some significant challenges to safe driving. Watch for these potential dangers to help you keep your car shiny-side-up this autumn.


When fall comes, deer start to migrate and prepare for winter. These roaming herds of excited vacationing deer present a danger to drivers, especially at night. Pay special attention to the road in front of you and minimize distractions such as cell phones during the autumn months.


If you’re an early morning commuter, you might encounter some thick fog on cool fall mornings. Refrain from turning on your brights, as this causes glare that reflects off the fog and back into your eyes, actually making it harder to see. If your car isn’t equipped with fog lights, you might want to invest in an aftermarket set. Keep plenty of space between you and the car in front to prevent a pile-up in the event that they have to stop quickly.


Fall leaves look great on the trees for a while, but then they start to pile up and blow around on the road. A pile of wet leaves on the road can be as slick as ice and cause you to lose control of your vehicle. They can also cover up lines and markings on the road. If you’re driving in a rural or low-traffic road, slow down and keep an eye out for leaves on the road.

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