How to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s ResolutionThe New Year brings another chance for people to motivate themselves to achieve a life-long goal. New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to accomplish but there are quite a few things you can do to increase your odds of success. Here are a few ways you can increase the odds of sticking to your New Year’s resolution from us here at Watters Autoland. Happy New Year!

  • Talk – Find a friend, family member, or pet that will sit and listen as you discuss your resolution. Doing so is a great way to motivate yourself as well as receive encouragement to accomplish your goal. Friends and family members could also offer advice while pets could serve as sounding boards to help work out your problems.
  • Reward – Giving yourself a small reward for completing certain milestones is a great way to keep yourself moving towards your goal. Treating yourself to a nice dinner or going to a movie can help generate motivation to achieve your next goal!
  • Small Steps – Attempting to change a habit all in one go is essentially increasing your odds of failure. Try to small steps towards accomplishing your goal instead. If you want to quit smoking, cut down on how much you smoke rather than quit altogether right away.

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