Preparing Your Car for Winter Weather

Preparing your car for winter weather

Is your car ready for snow and ice? Let the GM Certified service technicians at Watters Autoland inspect your car free of charge to make sure you’re prepared for the winter weather arriving soon in Indianola.

  • Multi-point inspection- FREE until 1/24/14
    • Includes: inspect fluid levels, check steering, suspension, wiper blades, exhaust, undercarriage, belts, and hoses
  • Battery Test and Inspection – FREE until 1/24/14
    • Includes: Inspect point or terminals for leaking or corrosion. Inspect cables for damage or corrosion. Inspect battery case for damage (cracks or holes in the bottom). Ensure battery condition for proper mounting.

Preparing your car for winter is important to ensure the safety of you and your passengers and prevent costly accidents. Our highly trained auto repair technicians will gladly inspect your vehicle of any make or model.

There are also some things you can do yourself to help make sure your car is ready to face the cold. Check your fluids such as oil, coolant, and wiper fluid. If your car was equipped with anti-lock brakes, test them in a safe environment such as a parking lot or take it to our service department for a checkup, because they could save you a lot of trouble in slippery conditions.

Check out our website for full details and more service specials including oil change, tire rotation, alignment, brakes, and more. Stay tuned to our blog for some tips on safe winter driving!


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